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Melissa, I have been told I can be emotional and dramatic, but I can't help but be passioante and say that I was blown away. I really was. You are able to take a blank canvas and make it look beautiful and custom. You are able to execute what I only have as a jumbled up ideas in my head.

Thank you - I am appreciative beyond words.

Shannon ~ The Jade

As a dad to two boys I wanted the space I called home to be a relaxing vibe but also functional for my kids and I.  Melissa took some time to understand my style and she brought it to life.  She kept me on budget and provided different options to choose from when designing my space.  She captured my style from my family room right through to my bedroom.  The flow of the space is incredible and I am so happy she was a part of the process to turn this builder space into my home.  


Victor ~ The Onyx

Melissa was an absolute professional and pleasure to work with! Melissa not only designed the physical space to be beautiful and functional, but defined our space keeping our family in mind... she made the design process personal and uniquely ours. She brought confidence, inspiration, and creative vision quite literally right through our front door and into all corners of our home.

Renee ~ The Ruby

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